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Technology Architecture Assessment.

Left Right Mind conducted a Technology Architecture Review for Pramerica Life Insurance with the objective to assess the capability of it’s existing IT infrastructure.

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Case Study

Pramerica Life Insurance.

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Areas examined during the Assessment

  • Existing change management system
  • Compliance readiness of overall architecture
  • Speed at which the systems adapt to changes.
  • Correctness and consistency of the business language and the quality of the business data model
  • Time-to-market for new products
  • Flexibility of the systems/ ability to scale or integrate with aggregators
  • Ease of adopting new technology
  • Employee attitude towards existing internal systems


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identified key business functions

Left Right Mind identified key business functions to get an understanding of the characteristics of the systems delivering these functions.

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Extensive stakeholder interviews

Extensive stakeholder interviews, which included key personnel from Business & IT leadership (strategy, marketing, delivery and operations) and the CISO (Chief Information Security Office), helped identify business aspirations and goals.

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Unveiling the Context

Outlining the provided a context to the review and enabled the assessment of the current and potential ability of the architecture to scale.

The review attempted to answer the following questions -

Pramerica assessment table

The assessment was done in order to have a comprehensive view of the current state, identify immediate opportunities to better utilize the current state in line with the organisation’s aspirations, and finally, propose recommendations on pressing issues, if any.

The following layers were assessed in detail during this investigation -


Web & Mobile, Customer touch-points

Process & decision 

Automation, Business Rules, ML & AI


Enterprise Services Bus, APIs, Third-Party Integration


Access, Authorization, Threat management

Core systems

Policy Administration, Agency & Commission, Pricing


Master Data Management, Operational Data Sores, 
Content Management


Platforms, Hosting, Network

Assessment Parameters

The review report assessed the fit of each application to meet the company’s objectives, addressed the changes needed in the infrastructure in order to make them effective and verified if the application was a threat to long-term scalability and needed to be reviewed.


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User Experience

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User Interface

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The assessment was centered around the architectures ability to scale and flexibility to support the growth of the business.

Scale chart pramerica Growth
Flexibility chart pramerica Growth


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