End-To-End Quality Management System

TRAQ is a digital solution that enables real-time exchange of business-critical information across multiple locations. It is designed to eliminate communication delays to reduce overall cycle time required to complete a business transaction.

Ensuring Quality Management & Standardization across all your processes

Formerly a paperless field inspection & audit tool, TRAQ now facilitates automation and real-time reporting of key business functions related to Project Management, QHSE compliance, On-site logistics, Warehousing, and Stores Accounting at remote project.


With TRAQ you get

The Maker - Checker workflows ensure that the contractors hold the primary accountability for quality, leading to a positive shift towards Quality & Inspection Management.

Organizational Benefits

Reduce Processing Time by 60%

  • Seamless Integration
  • Real-time communication
  • Quick access to information

Reduce Cost of Rework by 70%

  • Reduction of Inspection cycle-time
  • Optimal utilization
  • Reduce Errors

Improve Speed of Decision
Making by 50%

  • Secure repository
  • MIS/Analytics
  • Centralise Data

Improve Data Quality by 40%

  • Regularly updated Records
  • Transparency
  • Digital Document management
Digital Document Management Systems ensure ready evidence to mitigate the risks in the event that the Defect Warranty/Guarantee Period is invoked.

Project in Focus

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Identify where the risk truly exists and modify checklists to raise process quality standards.

Industry Showcase

Inspection history helps trace errors with date and time-stamped records that also identify inspection team members.

Know how TRAQ ensures Quality Management for the
FMCG Sector.

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