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Left Right Mind is a software consulting firm designed to develop bespoke user experiences for your Customer and Enterprise.


We exist to help businesses be human, smart and efficient by using technology creatively.

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A NASA space shuttle traveling to outer space

Enterprise Search Solutions


The Science Discovery Engine streamlines search and discovery of data and information for all of NASA’s Science disciplines. Left Right Mind is responsible for the Experience Design & Development along with Systemic & Data Management enhancements. The user experience is designed to effectively showcase a vast collection of NASA’s science data, documentation, code, links to datasets, models, images, videos, software, or data analysis tools.

A KLA researcher looking through the microscope and examining semiconductor chips
KLA logo

Embedded Software


We help develop & sustain new software & system enhancements to state-of-the-art semiconductor inspection equipment used for defect detection & yield improvement. These systems are made for specialized illumination, optics, mechanics, robotics, electronics & high performance image computing. The software we develop meets production-grade performance & reliability standards via an array of open & proprietary software stacks. We also employ our product user experience skills to bring advanced technology in usable workflows.

Multiple template layout designed on adobe express tool
Adobe Express Logo

Creative Production


LRM Studio was a key partner to Adobe in their endeavor to provide ready-to-use design templates on their low code no code platform Adobe Express, targeting the US Education Sector. We adhered to US design and curriculum standards, stringent Adobe Quality Processes to successfully deliver over 5000 designed templates across multiple formats at an astounding pace by carefully curating the process to manage throughput & quality.

A man wearing a mask and safety jacket, meticulously inspecting the machinery

SaaS Solutions


A Left Right Mind product, TRAQ is a configurable workflow digitization platform, designed for improved collaboration, efficiency and productivity. It offers ready to use capability across several aspects such as maker-checker workflows, geo-fenced quality control, checklist based inspections, on-prem/cloud deployment, encryption, high volume data compliance, automation, etc. The product is currently in use in the Construction, Manufacturing and Audit functions.

People looking at the features and specification of chetak scooter on the ipad app alongside chetak scooter
Chetak Logo

AR & Immersive Experiences


Engaged as the digital solutions partner for Bajaj Auto’s first EV Chetak to help deliver a product experience that befits the legacy of the flagship brand. We have designed, developed and deployed their interactive e-showroom and an in-store iPad solution for immersive engagement & product education. These solutions also serve as lead generators and are complete with analytics and CRM integration to allow real time insights into customer preferences.

Multiple images of Shriram Life Insurance's user interface
Shriram Life insurance Logo

Digital Business Transformation

Shriram Life Insurance

Strategy, design and development partners in a multi-year engagement to build a digital business for Life Insurance. By helping overhaul the digital properties, we equipped SLIC to use the digital medium across their urban and rural client segments. Our deliverables included customer facing website, interactive customer journeys, a sales enablement app, a breakthrough financial advisory app, and an intelligent CRM & telesales software designed to improve sales efficiency of call center representatives.

Middle aged man working out in the gym with assistance of get me fitt mobile application
Get me fitt logo

Digital Marketplaces

Get Me Fitt

Product Team-as-a-Service for the strategy, design, development & deployment of a digital marketplace that allows users to find their fitness instructors & avail of their services remotely. Our cross functional team of product designers, strategists, developers, marketers transformed an idea into a market-ready solution. We also helped articulate the idea into a viable business proposition via extensive business & brand workshops and also developed the brand’s identity.

Woman meditating with the help of Jabu mind application sitting in the grass field with sun rising infront of her
JabuMind Logo

Mobile Apps


Designed, developed and deployed a native iOS and Android mindfulness app with custom curated iRest® meditations proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Aimed at teachers & faculty, the UI was specifically designed to cater to this demographic and included soothing aesthetics, calm color palettes and minimalist elements to provide for a tranquil experience.

Diagram showing NASA conducting data management and sentiment analysis through graphical representation

Data Management & Sentiment Analysis


Engaged by the Chief of Customer Engagement within the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) at NASA to conduct data analysis and modeling, to help them understand and gain deeper insights into user sentiment, using the ServiceNow data generated when various NASA stakeholders engaged with the Enterprise Service Desk to resolve their IT needs.

A close up image of a glass building with SJP logo
SJP property Logo

CMS & Web Portals

SJP Properties

A web solution built for a New York based Real-estate company in a manner appealing to the market segment and business context. The experience focused on organizing information in a format that makes it easy to comprehend, showcasing the work through compelling visuals and an unconventional navigation style.

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