Privacy Policy

This policy describes what information we collect when you visit our website and what we do with that information.

How we collect, process and store information:
  • What data is being collected?
    • Data filled up in the careers and contact form for engaging us or applying for a job.
  • Will the data be shared with any third parties?
    • Yes. Recruiters affiliated with us only.
  • How will the information be used?
    • To hire employees
    • To engage with our potential clients and vendors.
  • How long will the data be stored for?
    • 5 years
  • What rights does the data subject have?
    • The right to retract information provided at any given time through a written request by email.
  • How can the data subject raise a complaint?
    • By email
These improvements are part of Left Right Mind’s ongoing commitment to provide transparency and safeguard your privacy.

The detailed privacy policy will be up soon.