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CDO - as - a - Service.

With its primary customer base in Tier 2, Tier 3 cities across the country, SLIC’s operations and business processes were predominantly traditional. Engaged as thought partners on their ‘journey to digital’, we helped them transform their sales and distribution processes using our expertise in design and technology.

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Case Study

Shriram Life Insurance.

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Back-End Development

Front-End Development

Strategy Consulting

Business Analytics

UI Design

UX Design

Technology Top Stack/Bottom Stack

Data Modelling

Digital Transformation

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The engagement offered an exclusive opportunity to understand specific challenges in the BFSI sector and customer behaviour across demographics as well as a working understanding of regulatory (IRDA) requirements.

Customer Experience.

The revamp included a re-designed website layout, new visual language and SEO-optimized content. In addition, the user journey was renewed to ensure parity in the user experience across all products.

GOAL: To redefine customer perception of the brand

GOAL: To redefine customer perception of the brand chart


Get-a-quote Journeys

Product Information

Claims Management

Customer Support

Assisted Buying

Financial Literacy

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Transforming Sales and Operations.

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Sales Agents

A sales enablement app that allows Shriram Life to engage and retain Sales Officers (SO), who today, are not “exclusive”. It is designed to facilitate sales, manage customers and ensure engagement by gamifying repetitive processes, conducting contests, easy access to information and bite-sized learning modules.

Lead management | Team Building | Tracking & Scheduling | Learning & Assessment | Scoreboards | Reports

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Tele-Sales & Call-centre Operations

Driven by real on-the-ground business context and in line with the SLIC’s sales & operations strategy, this platform serves as an intelligent solution for the management of leads across heterogenous sales channels. The user experience design of this customised CRM replaces existing content management tools and allows for seamless integration with the call center dialer.

Lead Acquisition | Lead Sanitisation | Lead Classification | Application Management | BI Dashboard | Heterogeneous Sale Channels | Customised Role-Based Hierarchy | Reporting

Transforming Marketing Outreach.

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Digital Marketing

The marketing collaterals were designed keeping in mind the strategically defined target audience and within the compliance, framework put forth by the IRDA.

Campaign Planning | Creative Strategy | Content and Design | Reporting and Analytics

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Lead Generation

A simplified, intuitive, and visually engaging financial advisory tool that allows on-the-field domain experts of Shriram Life to provide financial advisory services by effectively capturing sensitive financial information of the customers and assessing their ‘financial insecurity’.
The app is Designed for regional sensibilities & shared customer journeys.

Data collection | Assisted Journey | Authentication | Recommendation | Financial Insecurity Score| Lead Management | Document Upload

The app is Designed for regional sensibilities & shared customer journeys.