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About Left Right Mind:

Left Right Mind was conceived from the realization that we as humans embody the intersection of logic & intuition. This intersection creates infinite possibilities which can, in turn, create chaos. Our sense of purpose and joy comes from distilling clarity from this chaos - much the same way our left and right brains collaboratively bring the rational & creative together.

Based out of California, Texas, and headquartered in Pune, we are a 100 member team constituting of designers, technologists, strategists, creative thinkers and most importantly problem solvers.

At Left Right Mind, we have the opportunity to discover, the liberty to question and the luxury to falter. We are perceptive, passionate, honest, and driven. We are a unique blend of conservative and contemporary. We function as a unit; each adding individual value and at the same time coercing each one of us to bring our best. We are what we create.

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